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    Article Ethical ELA, Aug 15, 2021

    Using Storytelling for Trauma-Informed Pedagogy During COVID and Beyond

    Dr. Leslie Burns explores how narrative strategies support students’ need for community and connection.

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    Video YouTube, Sep 02, 2020

    Synchronicity: A Celebration of Art, Empathy, and Action

    Get to know Narrative 4 through the stories of our students, educators, and artists!

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  • Blog Artists Network,Civic Engagement,N4 Africa

    Narrative 4 Nigeria holds its first Interschool Field Exchange

    Students from selected secondary schools in Lagos come together to learn about empathy and participate in Nigeria’s first inter-school field…

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  • Blog Civic Engagement,N4 Africa

    Why Not Art? Why Not Stories?: N4 Nigeria’s First Story Exchange

    Humanity is the first casualty of war. Neighbors become other, become adversaries. How does a nation rebuild in the aftermath? How…

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  • Blog N4 Africa

    Interschool Story Exchange in Zimbabwe

    Our interschool Story Exchange at Chisipite Senior School in Harare, Zimbabwe was as revealing as it was heartwarming.  N4 Africa’s Head…

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  • Blog

    Narrative 4 Receives 2022 Amazon Literary Partnerships Grant

    We’re thrilled to be the recipients of a 2022 Amazon Literary Partnerships grant, supporting organizations across the country that empower writers…

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  • Blog N4 Ireland

    Students from Moyross and Cairo team up for unique Narrative 4 Story Exchange

    How much do children in Moyross and Cairo have in common? Turns out it’s a lot more than you might think.

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  • Blog N4 Africa

    Quick Fire with Buchi Onyegbule

    Buchi Onyegbule, N4 Africa’s Head of Operations, was recently profiled in Tech Cabal magazine.

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  • Blog Field Exchange

    The Future’s So Bright

    After months of meeting on Zoom, our student ambassadors from University Heights High School (UHHS) in The Bronx, NY and…

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  • Blog N4 Mexico

    Art as the History of Our Lives

    Everybody’s talking about N4 Mexico! Operations Manager Maru Castañeda fields questions from local media at N4 Mexico’s first community event.

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  • Blog Civic Engagement

    8 complete strangers tell their life stories. Watch what happens next.

    Learn how the Story Exchange inspired one high school student to turn his empathy into action.

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