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Empathy School Awards

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Narrative 4 Ireland’s Empathy School Awards which recognize and celebrate secondary schools that promote empathy, kindness, and connection among students and staff.

TG4 presenter and awards ambassador Louise Cantillon explains, “Empathy education cultivates vital life skills in young people. It increases awareness of diversity, improves social skills, and gives young people a sense of belonging and connection.”

Radio and TV Presenter Louise Cantillon joins N4 Ireland Student Ambassadors to spread the word about their new national Empathy School Awards.

Narrative 4 Ireland Director Dr. James Lawlor adds, “I am continually filled with hope for the future when I meet the young people and educators involved with Narrative 4. They have the humanity and the skills to make this world a kinder, more empathic place.”

Listen to Colum McCann discuss the Empathy School Awards on The Ryan Turbidy Show, read more about this amazing new initiative, and watch the launch!

Watch the launch of Narrative 4 Ireland’s new Empathy School Awards with Empathy School Ambassador Louise Cantillon and Dr. Jennifer McMahon from i-Teach Teaching for Inclusion University of Limerick.