Hold My Hand

Mentorship Program

The HmH program is a mentorship program for Africans by Africans that seeks to help teenagers navigate the complexities that accompany their age, address issues of dereliction and provide them with well-rounded adult options to model behavior, aspirations, and desires.

If young people have access to loving, concerned adults, they will be more likely to grow up to be successful adults themselves.

Program Goals
  • Creating a caring, and safe community through the development of positive mentoring relationships.
  • Create an enabling environment for children and teens who appear to be at risk of getting back on track and provide an opportunity for successful adults to “give back” to their communities.

Projected Outcomes

  • Foster a big-brother/big-sister relationship between teens and their supposed adult mentors. This is a direct attempt to minimize the gap between parent and child.
  • Encourage better career choices or solidification of career preferences among the young, with the expected guidance from the older mentors.
  • Offer direct “Role Models” in the form of adult mentors.
  • Reduce pressure on parents and serve as a possible discrete buffer against bad parenting.
  • Groom better, and well-rounded young adults, with more capacity to contribute to society.
  • Encourage better relationships between the mentee(s) and their guardian(s) or parent(s).
Who can be a mentor?

Anyone who is:

  • between ages 28-45
  • an emotionally stable and mature person with a sincere interest in helping a mentee
  • develop to their full potential.
  • willing to adhere to all program policies and procedures
  • willing to complete the application and screening process.
  • dependable and consistent in meeting time commitments.
  • willing to attend the onboarding session and the scheduled bi-monthly meeting.
  • willing to communicate regularly with the Narrative 4 Associate, submit activity reports, and take constructive feedback regarding mentoring activities.
  • not an illicit drug user.
Volunteer as a Mentor

Serve as a positive role model to the mentee(s) who are in the phase of maturing mentally, physically and emotionally into adulthood.