Share stories, build bridges, change lives

Whether in the classroom, community or the boardroom, build a culture of inclusivity and connectedness with our facilitator-led story exchanges.


a Story


You’ll work with a Narrative 4 facilitator to organize participants, identify goals, and establish trust.


Storytellers share their stories with a partner and actively listen while their partner shares their story.


The group gathers together and each participant retells their partner’s story in the first person.


Participants discuss how they feel and what they learned
from the story exchange.

Backed by research, proven by results

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Story exchanges can empower young people to succeed in school and life.

According to research published in Ethical ELA, story exchanges help students “co-construct knowledge, increase empathy and inclusion, and empower themselves in their communities to succeed in both school and life.”1

Story exchanges are improving positive emotions for students nationwide.

According to a nationwide survey by Yale University, high school students at N4 schools experienced an increase in all positive emotions more frequently than students elsewhere.2

Story exchanges can create more positive environments and compassionate leaders.

Researchers from the University of Chicago found that story exchanges can improve student relationships, creating more positive school and classroom environments, and a new generation of more empathic leaders.3

The Story Exchange has helped me improve my communication skills.  I feel a lot more confident and able to connect more with my fellow students. My social life is improved, even my schoolmates have also testified that their experiences with the story Exchange has made them be outspoken and more courageous.                               
I’m grateful for the opportunity. 

Blessing, Christian Secondary Commercial School Student, Langley, Uyo, Nigeria

It was very uncomfortable, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. I think that discomfort is an essential catalyst for growth, and this experience really helped me grow.

Phil K, St. John’s College student, Harare, Zimbabwe

Narrative 4 believes in the potential of youth to have impact on their communities, and with the network of bright and powerful Globetrotters from across the globe, we connect our schools, experiences and worlds together; we create a platform for real interaction through story exchange. We know exactly what’s needed for students from schools and colleges all around the world to engage because we are them.

Malak, N4 Globetrotter (Youth Ambassador), Nazareth, Israel

exchange FAQs

Do we have to tell a sad or serious story?

No. Every story is welcome. Just make it true to you. This isn’t a competition over “who has it worse?” It’s about connection, not competition.

Can my school do an exchange with a school in another country?

Yes! Once you’ve been trained and run a story exchange, reach out to to connect with a fellow educator in our global network.

Can we train students to facilitate story exchanges?

Yes. In fact, we encourage it! Students can access the same online training and resources as adults. Please email

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exchange to your class

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story exchange

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