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Art as the History of Our Lives

Watch of brief recap of N4 Mexico’s “Art as the History of Our Lives” community event.

June has been quite the busy month for N4 Mexico. In just 10 months they’ve trained over 100 facilitators in Monterrey, Tampico, Puebla, Mexico City, and San MIguel de Allende.

Our incredible N4 Mexico facilitators made the event a huge success. 

N4 Mexico Operations Manager Maru Castañeda shares, “The biggest achievement this month is definitely the success of our first community event. In partnership with the Universidad del Noreste (UNE), we hosted the event ‘El Arte Como la Historia de Nuestras Vidas’ (‘Art as the History of Our Lives’). Over 70 community participants experienced an art- and photography-based story exchange. Participants walked around the virtual gallery where TVs displayed images taken by UNE students.”

One community member reflected on the event, noting, “The moment we finished sharing our stories I realized we were all as equally human.”